Life as a Lary (or Laryngectomee) means that you will need to make adjustments to ensure that you can enjoy your normal life again.

Your Speech therapist will train and educate you to ensure that you achieve your best new voice outcome.

Daily and regular cleaning care of your stoma is absolutely vital to ensure good health. Regular daily cleaning is required to remove mucus build-up around your stoma.

Proper care of your health and using the best practice including backplate and HMEs will ensure that a Lary reduces the ongoing risk of respiratory issues.

Daily use of Heat Moisture Exchanger – known as an ”HME”  to use as your filter for your breathing into your neck stoma is currently the “world’s best practice”.

Resume as many activities as you can that you enjoyed prior to your surgery. Enjoy life with family and friends.


COVID safety for laryngectomees

Laryngectomees may be at increased risk during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and should take extra care to protect the stoma and general health. If you are worried about having COVID-19, you should talk to their doctor about testing both the nose and stoma.

The American Medical Association has produced a general COVID guide. Click to view COVID Guide


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