Mike George Represting the Larykins in Canberra The Larykins have been raising our voices with Head & Neck Cancer Australia (formally Beyond Five). Head and Neck Cancer Australia is the only Australian charity dedicated to providing education and support to people living with head and neck cancer.

Head & Neck Cancer Australia Canberra Event

Along with representatives from Head and Neck Cancer Australia, Mike George, a member of the Larykins has been invited to represent Laryngectomees at a breakfast with Federal MP’s at Parliament House in Canberra on the 11th of August, 2021. Mike George is also an ambassador for Head & Neck Cancer Australia¬† This event was rescheduled from June due to lockdown.

For us, this is a very important opportunity to present the needs and challenges faced by everyone affected by head and neck cancer, and to lobby for improved funding for those affected. The event will be followed by a workshop for attendees to provide input, share and educate.

Funding & Awareness

Several states still do not offer Government funding for the supply of vital equipment needed by Laryngectomess to maintain lung health and to communicate. This equipment includes stoma backplates, Heat & Moisture Exchange (HME’s), cleaning products and other associated items that are needed every day. These products are proven to be best practice globally to support both physical and mental health.

Raising awareness, funding and education is necessary for all those associated and affected by head and neck cancer, including the medical fraternity. We believe in equality of health for all.