Laryngectomee Health Aids - HME's, Backplates, CleaningThe Tasmanian Health Service has approved funding for all the Laryngectomees in Tasmania.

This funding will enable anyone living with a Laryngectomee in Tasmania to receive their essential Lary health aids up to the value of $6,000 per year. These include stoma backplates, Heat Moisture Exchangers (HME’s), Voice Prosthesis (VP), Electro Larynx, etc. Funding can be accessed via their Speech Pathologist.

Funding gives Laryngectomees in Tasmania the opportunity to enjoy improved day to day health, as well as reducing the chance of suffering from the respiratory issues that Larys are susceptible to following the removal of their larynx.

The use of these specialised aids is regarded currently as the ‘world’s best practice’ for Laryngectomees.

On behalf of the Larys, special thanks to Claire McBride (Speech Pathologist) and her fellow professional clinicians, Nigel Harragan (Larykin), and other Larys who have corresponded and communicated with the responsible parties and people to make this happen.

Thanks also to all Larykins for ‘raising your voices’.