Watch Ambulance Victoria Emergency Resuscitation for LaryngectomeesAs part of their resuscitation program, Ambulance Victoria has released a new video, Life with a Laryngectomy. This is not only an educational tool for emergency services and other health professionals but also general information about living with a Laryngectomy from the perspective of two Larykins.

The full emergency resuscitation program will be rolled out in Victoria, and then hopefully Australiawide. We also hope it will be shared with the wider healthcare community.

Ambulance Victoria has posted on their Facebook and Instagram pages…

“It goes without saying that medical emergencies can be scary. But people who live with a tracheostomy or laryngectomy can feel particularly vulnerable as their unique needs are not always well understood by healthcare professionals. If their airways are not managed correctly in an emergency, it can be fatal.

In this way, people with ‘trachies and larys’ are a unique and somewhat vulnerable group.

Filming for Ambulance Victoria Emergency Resuscitation for LaryngectomeesSo when advocacy group Larykins reached out for help, we worked with them and Head and Neck Cancer Australia to create a new guideline to make sure all paramedics know exactly what to look for, and how to respond.

Mike and Lyn sat down recently with paramedic James to share their stories, and it’s well worth a watch.”

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Ambulance Victoria – Life with a Laryngectomy

Watch the completed video on Vimeo >>