Resuscitation/Oxygen MaskMany Laryngectomies have experienced issues with medical and emergency staff who have not been fully aware of the differences between a Laryngectomy and Tracheostomy and how they should be treated. The key difference being a patient with a Laryngectomy cannot be resuscitated or take oxygen by mouth or nose because the mouth and nose are longer connected to the lungs. They can only be resuscitated via the stoma in their neck.

Recognising this gap in information, over the past 12 months and during the lockdown, the Larykins have been working with Ambulance Victoria to create an Emergency Resuscitation Training Program for both patients with Laryngectomees and Tracheostomies.

The information was obtained from key medical clinicians, speech pathologists and Laryngectomees over several months.

This program is being coordinated and fully supported by the executive team of Ambulance Victoria. Filming for the training is scheduled to commence in July 2020.

The formal training program will be finalised and implemented into the training of all Paramedics, Ambulance and St Johns and other Emergency services personnel in Victoria.

The aim is to then have this Emergency Resuscitation training program rolled out throughout all divisions of Ambulance Australia.

Please contact us if you are interested in obtaining the finished program.