Enjoying life to the full post Laryngectomy

The Larykins are a group of enthusiastic, energetic people who have travelled the path of having experienced Laryngeal cancer. We are made up of survivors, partners, and interested parties.

Based in Melbourne, the Larykins meet at regular intervals in a relaxed setting (OK, it’s a Pub!). We also have a catch up on Zoom from time to time, so we can include and interested Lary’s around Australia, and potentially the world.

Our main reason for being is to share experiences, raise issues, and to promote awareness and education about Laryngectomees to the medical and wider community. We also want to enjoy life!


  • Formulate and implement programs or strategies which ensure that Larykins receive the ‘best practice’ medical care and support to ensure that we can be heard.
  • Achieve state Government funding initiative for the care of our stoma. Review and monitor supply and feedback.
  • Discuss products and aids, conditions, feedback
  • Attend workshops to create awareness and gain knowledge
  • Work with other organisations to share the experience and create awareness of the unique care required for ‘Neck Breathers’


  • Share the personal experience of being a Larykin within the medical fraternity including anaesthetists, nurses and doctors.
  • Offer to assist with education and training programs which will assist with awareness of the care of being a “Neck Breather”
  • Ensure that all Emergency Services are educated and trained to correctly resuscitate a “Neck Breather“


  • Encourage all Larykins to resume to as normal a life as they shared prior to their surgery
  • Get involved – “do want you want to do and you can do”
  • Assimilate back into family life and society – socialise, exercise, fraternise.


  • Share your story – it will benefit others to know and understand the road you are travelling
  • Generate exposure of this lesser known disease and the challenging consequences after your surgery.
  • Head and Neck cancers need awareness –


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